Introducing The LaMOT Valve & Arrestor Line of Hatch Products

Secure. Reliable. Built to last — and to outperform the competition — with industry-leading flow rates and high-precision tolerances. LaMOT’s new line of thief hatches seal tighter, last longer, and adhere to even the most exacting industry requirements.

Ideal for use on steel or fiberglass oilfield storage tanks with or without pressure indicators, our thief hatches securely seal tanks while providing customized pressure and vacuum relief — and easy access to tank contents for level gauging and sampling.

We custom preset pressure and vacuum settings according to your specifications, then test and certify our hatches extensively before shipping.

L12-TH Thief Hatch

Extensive R&D has gone into the Model L12-TH Thief Hatch. We started with the end product in mind, focusing on the unique application solution. We were able to accomplish a product design with both superior sealing performance and industry leading flow rates. We paid high attention to detail in the precision machining and manufacturing to accomplish these exact tolerances.

L12-TL Long Pan Thief Hatch

L61T Lock Down Hatch

Protect Equipment. Save Money.
Meet Industry Compliance Regulations.

We manufacture only from the highest quality materials to ensure our hatches seal tighter and require less maintenance than the competition. Regardless of industry, application, or environmental regulation standard, LaMOT Valve & Arrestor hatches have you covered.

We test and certify our thief hatches to meet or exceed EPA standards for gas emissions and ensure minimal venting. LaMOT Valve & Arrestor hatches protect against loss of product and provide consistent, high flow rates.

Thief hatches protect against vacuum and overpressure with a spring loaded, gasket-lined pressure plate over an API-12 opening in an oil tank. When pressure or vacuum levels reach preset conditions, the pressure plate engages, allowing air to be drawn in or released through the opening.

This pressure regulation saves you money by preventing evaporation, keeping you in line with EPA regulations, and protecting your tanks from pressure or vacuum damage.

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